Friday, September 4, 2009

Toshiba A-205 No USB Ports, No Volume

Unit arrives with USB1 broken and USB2 not working Also the volume control thumbwheel was rattling around inside the unit.

Replace the USB ports, replace the Audio control potentiometer.

Exact Replacement:
Yes, from an existing dead unit

This unit has the cheapest USB ports available. By the company saving 13cents, it winds up costing you $$$. There is no front support on the USB ports, so all the insertion and removal force is placed on the back of the connector, first the anchor supports fails, then the upon the next insertion the power and data pins of the USB connector are folded under the connector. This can either short the motherboard, or short the USB chips which the data lines are connected to. You can remove your USB device, but the existing USB connector will remain unconnected from the board, and may cause serious damage to the whole unit. Beware.

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