Friday, February 19, 2010

My Review of 2 oz. Non-Spill Rosin Soldering Paste Flux

Originally submitted at RadioShack

This electronic-quality rosin soldering flux is mixed with petroleum jelly and ideal for electrical and electronic soldering applications.

Actually the best available

By TheLaptopDoctor from Charlotte, NC on 2/19/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Good heat control, High quality, Deoxidizing

Cons: No liquid version

Best Uses: Large Projects, Minor Projects

Describe Yourself: Professional

It does the job exceptionally well.

As a NASA/MILSPEC/AF soldering pro this is currently the best product available retail. Though wishing they had a liquid version available with needle dropper. I heat mine before using a dropper to have it in a liquid state for better flow control.

When it has to be exact


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Friday, February 5, 2010

HP DV1000 - Dim LCD

Error in image Pin Number

This was a challenging dog of a repair, but after too many hours I had to give it up. Items checked, replaced or repaired. LCD cable - replaced LCD connector - replace and repaired Invertor - checked backlight - checked LCD - checked Lid Switch - checked The LCD was first checked with a known complete lid from another DV1000, the unit still showed same result. So backing up
  • checked the LCD connector first.
  • noticed connector had internal damage -replaced (same problem)
  • noticed motherboard pin 29 was also blown off motherboard - repaired (same problem)
  • lid switch check for open/close continuity - passed
  • backlight - passed
The conclusion is that that motherboard damage was greater than initially reported or known. Previous tech had made some minor mistakes, but nothing serious.

Toshiba A205- DC Jack pushed in

This seems to be a common problem on the Toshiba Satelitte A2xx series since I recieved two in two days with the exact same issue. The DC jack is being pushed into the unit.

The DC jack fits into a sleeve that should support the jack from being pushed in too far. However the hole in the plastic of the lower chassis is much too large and the user without looking forces the power plug. Breaking the sleeve that holds the jack itself.

Poor design by Toshiba on the lower frame.
Poor and weak plastic on DC Jack.
Insufficient plastic support.
Excessively large hole causing the user to break the supports.

The jack can be hot glued onto the lower base of the jack and the left & right edges (not the back). Solves the problem most economically for the customer.

Dell XPS 14.1 Laptop (unk model number)

Unit arrived with dead battery.
Would not power on
No lights.

Not much information provided other than DC Jack issue.

This was not the case, the DC Jack was fine, the unit was simply not getting any power.

Disassembling and starting to trace the DC in section, the burnt section was immediately noticed. This coil (bad solder/blown pad) was a common problem on the E1505, E17xx series. So checking the coil power shows no voltage reaching the source side (pins 1-3) of the MOSFET.

The Coils bottom surface that contacts the pad was blown off so it was an incomplete circuit > Replace
Check Mosfet (out of circuit) - DEAD Short. >Replace

Dell Latitude B1300

Synopsis: Would not power on, would not charge

Problem: DC Jack

Diagnosis: The unit would power on with charged battery and run until depleted. When plugging in AC Adapter the unit would not charge nor any lights come on. NO Positive DC Voltage

Solution: Check DC Jack and replace or resolder. In this case only the positive terminal was not contacting motherboard. Reflow/Resolder Jack.

Acer 3690 Touchpad Buttons

Synopsis: Client arrived stated that he was leaving for Australia the next day and wanting to leave his grandmother the laptop after it was repaired.

Problem: The unit functioned properly except for the right click button.

Diagnosis: After testing I noticed that the button had no d├ętente click that indicates it was not being pushed in when the touchpad click was made. Disassembling the unit shows that the stub which presses the button had broken off. rather than replacing the whole top assembly and touchpad, the buttons were replaced from spares.

Original buttons were black, replacement button silver from Acer 5100 series.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dell Vostro 1000 - Spill

Spill kills DELL Vostro 1000

unrepairable, too many damaged parts to repair economically.