Saturday, February 25, 2012

DV7 No POST & Blinking Lights

This unit was thought to be a reflow and previous user or store overheats parts. So this cap that was to be seated on the South Bridge was sitting on the edge of it. Totally out of place. That is the primary reason I always look closely at the motherboard before attempting repairs. Parts get old, solder gets weak.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reference Images

Reference Images

DV1000 Sparks

Sparks and No Power/No Lights

DV9000 and DV5-1002NR

Here is an example of a slow day.
HP DV9000 -model not available because 
I was brought the board only. An obvious capacitor short, and not sure if it was caused by liquid spill or shorted PC Card slot board. Customer advise to use caution before inserting the PC card.  Since the board arrived as board only, I cannot guarantee it was a spill or defective connector.

Main Problem was - No Video Though
PC Card Slot or Power Dist. circuit area

Replace LCD Connector on DV5-1002NR
Upon close inspection of this unit Pin 40 was broken and connector had to be replaced.  It was a delicate job, and heat management was needed so not to damage the plastic connector. The replacement was hand soldered to ensure alignment and durability.

Main Problem was - No Video on LCD, External video works.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Repair Videos

Ok I still have not answered all of the DVD requests. But I did come up with a solution. Create an ISO of the disk so that you can burn your own DVD.  Mike(UK) and LarryS(US) and any one else I missed.  Please email me direct (NOT ON BLOG). And I will put the ISO up.

(MegaLoad is no longer an option) so I had to do things another way.