Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dell Inspiron 6000

Finally a breather! I got the opportunity to do a relative easy repair. This 6000 problem was software bloat. So much software and huge registry slowed this system to a crawl. Though commercial software are in all the ads you see on the internet. All of them are not really as good as they say they are. Removed a MAJOR BRAND 'subscription' anti-virus/firewall/pop-up blocker. This program was only fair when it came out, but over hype and advertising made it one of the most popular. The customer came stating that her subscription expired that day. She seemed almost in a panic, and I had to reassure her that it was nothing much to worry about. I removed the "software" and replaced it with AVG Free. [make sure you click the FREE version and not the Full or Trial versions. The full version costs, and the trial is only for a limited time].

Why would I replace a commercial version of the number 1 seller with a free version? Well as it turns out, about 7 years ago I was having unknown problems with my system. It was shutting down, rebooting and a number of other issues that I just could not find out why! I was using a yellow box anti-virus, and I consider my technical skills exemplary. But I still could not find the problem. After new hardware, upgrades and numerous hours troubleshooting I decided to try this new upstart company GRISOFT AVG anti-virus to see if it could help. Sure enough, it caught the 3 additional offending Trojans/Virus that was killing my productivity.

So as it goes, I installed AVG and have been swearing by them since.At the time I was completing the final changes to some niché software that I was writing because I needed it for my record collecting hobby. With the number of reboots, lost data, lost time I was quickly falling behind in an unscheduled release product [had no official release date but I wanted it finished].

If you wanted to know everything about Motown's early recordings

I cannot see any reason to pay for protection, when you are not being protected. It's kind of like finding out the seat belts don't work after you needed them.

Here's the kicker! The previous machine still had 3 virus on it, and about 3,000 tracking cookies after running the yellow box software prior to installing AVG . So do you really think you're protected? Better check.

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