Monday, April 9, 2012

Home Brew Solution to Clogged Heatsink

This is one part of why the DV Series fails, it is not the total solution and should be/could be additional help in keeping the heat vents clean.
2.5x2.5 inch intake vent (6.35cm x 6.35cm)
If you get tired of cleaning out your heatsink fans to your DV series laptops you can try this 'homebrew' filter. this is done after you clean the fan and vents and the laptop already has been repaired or works. 
Since the filter is on the outside of the laptop you can simply brush off the lint/dander with a brush after a couple of months use.  Or if you are often in your unit, it can be placed inside.

This does not solve the overheating problem, but reduces the frequency of cleaning the heatsink. Though it is recommended that you apply thermal compound annually to prevent the "NO VIDEO" issue related to these models. Only apply to your personal laptop.

Cut filter to cover vent
What is the filter made of?

Simple - a used dryer sheet. Instead of tossing the dryer sheet in the trash. Simply cut a 2.5" x 2.5" (6.35cm x 6.35cm) square and use regular Scotch® tape (generic tapes may contain a mild acid and will discolor the plastic after a short time)

tape filter, but try not to further
reduce the intake area

Update on MOSFET Video in the bundle.

An update for individuals that purchased the video bundle.
In the Extras bundle, the  video named DVMOSFETS.mpg 

The initial problem with the board was no lights, no power.  After some diagnosis and replacing the MOSFETS on the front end the unit was recieving power and would loop, turning on, then off. 

Clearing the CMOS and with a Cold Reset it would not revive the unit.

It was determined that the CMOS battery was also drained from sitting too long with a short condition. The CMOS battery should have a minimum of 2v.  Without a charge in the battery, the CMOS settings that are read from the BIOS chip are not saved or stored, the laptop will loop trying to retrieve & store these settings (which will never happen) because of a dead battery. 

This is one item that I overlooked during my diagnosis, because usually the CMOS battery will last 3-5 years under normal use.  But when a unit has a shorted condition (or has sat for a length of time before repairing), the battery will go down to zeo volts, and cannot store settings.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Following DV7 circuit paths

If interested in finding the power paths for the DV7 here is an animation for these models.
here is an animation for techs to trace those paths more clearer.

Click here

Sunday, April 1, 2012

RE:ISO DVD or Extras

Mail sent to persons requesting the DV series  DVD/ISO. 
The Extras Video is no longer included in the ISO purchase.

After all the issues surrounding this, I have gotten a reply stating that the process worked and was downloaded in the UK (Thanks Mike).  If I have missed responding to anyone, please email
HoosierNewman AT

The ISO can be burned to DVD so that repairs can be watched on bigscreen or PC.

An additional video disk is available covering other models:
Testing DV 6000/9000 Mosfets and Power Circuit.
Making a Modified Shim (not the same as Chinese or eBay shims)
Dell Inspiron 1501 Power Problem
Dell Inspiron 1545 DC Jack (complete disassembly and repair of jack)
Dell Inspiron 1545 No Video issue (not reflow)
Dell XPS m290 No Video issue
Example: Replacing an LCD connector (plays in chrome, downloads in IE)
DV5 DC Jack

These are step by step repairs and will continue to add more as the opportunity arises.

Coming soon.

Gateway PA6 17" - No Power or Short
Gateway Core Duo - Lines in video
and More.

not available to NC residents due to local tax issues

Planning Local Classes in Laptop Repair

After a number of offers, I am currently considering training classes in laptop repair.  (Here or there)
The current available timeframes is Apr 23-27 and  Apr 30- May 4.  One location in Charlotte, NC and another in Greensboro, NC.  Dates and location have not been finalized, and this is dependent upon number of requests. Classes will be small 10-20 max.  If you need assistance with accomodations that too can be provided.

The classes will include:
Common Failures by product/mfg line
Component Identification

SMT Soldering
Reflow Methods
Part Replacement, Mfg Identification, and Cross Referencing MOSFETs and other SMT devices.
Motherboard Trace Repair
This is not a beginner class, and is recommended for technicians with previous formal training in electronics or computers.The another option will be to hold classes onsite at your shop in the US, and is available for techs with hands on instruction and demostated practices. Larger classes may be available at various metropolitan cities after AUG 2012.  They will be one week courses and tools and supplies that I use are included. Soldering tools, chemicals tweezers, anti-static pads etc, Again- this has not been finalized and may vary in price by location. Example Chicago classes may be less expensive than San Diego classes due to my travel costs.

Shops may pool costs by having another store split the cost, if they have a working business relationship. Inbox me for more details. Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Franscisco, London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam are cities under consideration at this time. Classes are in standard English.