Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knowing what you have

Here's a suggestion.
Get the detailed information about your PC/Hardware/Software and keep it in a safe place. Then if you need to go to a shop, you will have all your licenses ready. Windows/MS Office, Quicken and all your legit software that was expensive to buy!.
This can be done online at

Why do I say this?
I've noticed since Windows XP is no longer sold on newer computers, the Vista license is nothing more than paper glued to the unit. And is no longer a laminated sticker we've become accustomed to. So the average Vista license sticker lasts about 6 months under casual use, and less for the road warrior making it unreadable. Then that subjects you to the shop's option of possibly of having to buy a new copy of Vista or installing a bootleg copy that won't muster the Authentication agent giving you a pester screen, or limited use/access. Some shops just don't know how to get your licenses, from a dead machine.

Run Belarc online, print it out and store away. Then, get some Scotch® Brand Invisible Tape and cover your Vista COA license. If not the whole COA, at least cover the serial numbers. Then when you have to wipe or re-install Vista because you forgot to print out your Belarc report you'll be able to read what you covered. Eighty Eight cents saves $88 later
- When I say Scotch Brand I mean Scotch Brand, not the Grocery or Dollar Store version. There are reasons this type is recommended, so you won't have to learn the hard way, thinking 'Oh It's OK''.

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