Friday, November 1, 2013

Something Different - HTC Flyer/Evo View

Doing a number of things got me away from blogging and posting repairs So I'd like to take this opportunity to show something different.

I had gotten an HTC Flyer Tablet in a lot with items that I bought, and it was a nice tablet, but it would not charge! So I first rigged a microUSB port on the top of it to charge the unit.  But with that configuration the cover would not fit. So I searched for the exact replacement, and they are scarce. Very Scarce.  Plus you cannot find them on another tablet because 90% of them have the same problem.
Before and After microUSB mounts

Dead Tablet, No Power will not charge, will not turn on.

Cause -
The pin if broken in the microExt USB port.

Reason -
Failure Problem 1 -The amount of current that the tablet draws overheats the plastic inside the contact because of  how hot the contact gets. Then the internal pin connector sets deeper into the plastic. The microExt USB cable internal contacts pushes down on the connector contact. When the cable is removed, the contact on the connector remains down because the plastic was melted. In that position there is no (+) POS contact on the tablet and it cannot charge.

inverted micro USB replacement
Failure Problem 2 - The microExt  USB port (+) POS pin is pushed back. Instead of making contact with the cable when inserted, the pin is forced back into the connector. Essentially bending and folding into the connector. This sometimes happens with other pins such as the (-) NEG pin. If it happens with a data pin, no data or sync is possible, but the unit will charge.

Complaint -
Poor supply channels and distribution of replacement microExtUSB ports. Not sure if it is a proprietary part from HTC or there are just not enough in the market. 

Solution -
Final before closing up- cover with black electrical tape
Replace with an inverted microUSB port.  This port is readily available, and can be adapted to supply power to the tablet.

Conclusion -
This fixes the charge issue, but data transfer and sync can only be done via microSD card, or wireless, or via Bluetooth. 

The tablet was too good and smooth to just toss it. There are scarce boards that can found but expensive (because so rare) and generally only in China. 

Note:  Both Units Fail in the same manner - manufacturer defective parts - usually after warranty runs out. 

The HTC Flyer and the Evo View are identical except
The Evo is 32gb and Black in color and has a phone built in - 
Usually Sprint for the carrier and LOCKED 

The View is a White/Silver tablet only with either 32gb or 16 gb. All the covers and base is the same. 

Though many are missing USB port covers when purchased.