Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HP ZE2000 Series

This unit came in with problems with keyboard.
-Some keys not working
-Sometimes the keyboard will not work at all

Upon inspection, I found that the retaining clip for the keyboard ribbon cable was not locking into place. But when held manually, all the keys functioned normally. So a decision was made in the most economical sense.

Options are:
Replace the motherboard [cost ~ $100]
Replace the connector [cost $75 for 2 hours labor]
Glue the connector in place [$50]

Using a Hot Glue gun and only gluing the edges of the connector does several things.
  1. Saves the customer money
  2. Allows existing parts to be used
  3. Keeps the keyboard connector in place
  4. The hot glue can easily be removed and not damaging the motherboard any further

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