Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Acer 5000 Series

Third party repair

Keyboard and mouse not functioning, customer stated that USB failed prior to touchpad and keyboard failure.

Though the heat and fan issue may not be directly related, it is something that should be corrected when the unit is disassembled. Though it could have caused enough internal heat to warp motherboard (hmmmm)

09/01 -------------This will be an on going repair
To make a determination whether the keyboard/mouse controller should be replaced or the whole motherboard. Flatpak VLSI chips are really complex to remove and replace. And have to weigh in cost/time/customer factors to get a balance that is acceptable to everyone.
  1. The customer
  2. The store owner
  3. My time.
After additional tests...
This board was heated to see it could be the notorious nVidia/AMD North/Southbridge problem where solderballs were losing contact, [typically on HP/Compaq units made by HannStar]. When warming the unit the motherboard did a kinda pop, like the board leveled out and was flat again??!

It seems the board was bowed from heat. This means that the motherboard material was too thin and insufficient mounts in various points of the board to keep it rigid. With the one section repaired, this may lead to another or additional repair, as there are several VLSI & BGA chips on the board. So this board design and casing gets a "D" for average/casual user. I cannot recommend this laptop to anyone. Even though it is a relatively new and inexpensive laptop.

Checking eBay for parts: There are several, and many have the same issue. The motherboard alone is not available except from the manufacturer (or 'wholesaler') at a price not worth it, (in my opinion). Since this may be a manufacturing/design flaw it would only happen again with the next replacement. Caveat Emptor

The ball now in owner's court.

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