Sunday, June 12, 2011

Up Late

Up late trying to make sure everything works, buttons, answering questions that may have been missed. And printing postal addresses. After that last hectic week...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sometimes it's something else

Earlier today I got my hands on an older Compaq M2000.  It was dead, no lights no anything. So checking the board (which is the same as the V2000 and the DV1000) . The front end MOSFET next to the power jack had bubbling on the surface (probably from overheating) And it was the wrong chip!? It was a SI4425 which has a lower current rating.  So I replaced it with the AO4413/FDS6679 series and tested again.  This time the charge light was on when the battery inserted. This told me that at least the unit was getting power. Then I remembered the common problem with caps on those models, so I started checking the caps. Sure enough I found the shorted cap on the bottom side near the rear of the DVD drive connector. OK replace that and turn on.

Everything lights up, except the screen. No display on external. Hmmm - checking the GPU accidentally by touching it was !!HOT!! Used the crayon test, it made a small wax puddle on the chip. This GPU was definitely shorted.  When angling the board and viewing, I noticed the GPU was not level. Rear solderballs were not touching board, but the front solderball were. There was no level gap around the GPU.  So this came to a decision to set it aside and work on it later, or attempt leveling GPU.

I placed it aside and chose to make that a project because it would need a jig to level the GPU while hot, and not contact (nor slide) resistors on the top side. As well as raising the smashed side.While holding the GPU down onto the jig. Strange device it would be. But to fix a $66 mobo? Reballing is an option but not worth the money, time and effort right now.