Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trace repair on Macbook 2007

Repair traces on MacBook 2007 -
Previous tech attempted to remove Audio port on laptop and damaged traces leading to terminals on mainboard. The trace repair required a steady hand, 32ga filament wire to
retrace the electrical path of the audio signals.

After the traces were repaired they were coated with clear teflon insulating coating (this is important) so that they would not short against adjacent wires or pads that still may be exposed. The easiest way is to do the largest mass first. Connecting the wire to the terminal ring then expose a portion of the trace and tack solder wire filament. With the lower trace through-hole ,expose pad by removing enamel then tack the through-hole with solder (pre-tinning not necessary because copper easily accepts solder). Then tack solder the upper pad above the connector hole. Then insert jack.

If the holes still have solder remaining, you may need to dremel the holes clear, removing only the solder and not drill the edges of the solder holes interior, it can ruin the board!

Monday, March 12, 2012

DVD ISO finally uploaded - Available

Update: I finally have a solution to the International formats needed for the DVD/ISO!
So - Out they go Monday to international requests. Mike/Larry

After a number of issues the ISO of The Laptop Doctor had been posted (4.2gb). Since the automation portion has not been completed. You will have to request further information and payment detail via email "Subject: ISO/DVD". Please do not request without subject.

This is an early release I am still working out the details to have this done automatically. After returning from Paypal, a link is generated for each request, and since this is a new server/host I am not sure of it's speed, but I was promised a fast connection. The ISO videos are in the NTSC format (Region 1) and I have no way of knowing if PAL/SECAM machines can view these via computer.

What's on the ISO?
1: How to Properly Reflow an nVidia GPU

2: Repairing DV6000 (Intel) No Power Issues
3: Repairing DV6000 (AMD)
4: Repairing DV Jack Issue
5: Short Animation of DV Intel power paths

As stated before, I am sure there are a number of issues that Europe and Asia may have viewing, so they may have an additional wait. Unless your system has no region set. They will also be available as single views when completed.

Twelve (12) additional videos are currently being edited and pages created. Additional question?
email me at These videos are intended for technicians, if you are a novice or have no technical training, I would not recommend them, as they are not for everyday hobbyist.

There were a number of issues that could not have been foreseen. Sorry for the delay. Be sure to let me know of any issues (in detail) that you may have.

!!! -Provider says I am over Storage Limit. Changing Plan- !!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Month - Project Prepped

As I had stated before- The video on demand domain is setup and I am transferring videos and testing, testing, testing. Some videos are currently viewable, but had to go through all of them to make sure the wording is correct and links works. So stay tuned.

Repair videos that will be available (soon).
How to fix F700 series (No Power & No Video
How to make a modified cooling shim (nVidia GPUs)
How to replace an LCD connector -(DV4,5,6,7 series)
Cleaning the Heatsink Fan (DV Series)
Dell Inspiron 1545 No Video
Dell Inspiron 1545 DC Jack repair
DV6000/9000 - No Video (Intel)
DV6000/9000 - No Video (AMD)
DV6000/9000 - No Power & No Lights (AMD)
DV6000/9000 - No Power & No Lights (Intel)
DV6000/9000 - No Power & Has Lights (AMD)
DV6000/9000 - Power Supply shuts off
DV6000/9000 - DC Jack repair

The video format: MP4
Works best with IE (Not Chrome or Safari)
this is an issue with security,host and layout - (not Chrome per se)

How to test Mosfet (Sample Page)
Click on the AO4407

more details forthcoming