Sunday, January 30, 2011

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After answering questions from average users it appears that things may need to change to better serve techs.  Though previously stated, this is a help site for techs, I have been inundated with questions from users.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toshiba X305 - Powers On, Charge Light but Dead no Video

(Pic 1) bare motherboard on bench
This comes from a cousin via UPS from Indianapolis and promised him I'd take a look at it.  The Toshiba X305 is a nice looking machine but still has the flawed nVidia chip design. Disassembling the unit to be able to work on the motherboard without having to have all the connections was a challenge, but eventually I got the unit to work on the bench. Using the Power Jack and external video, it powered on with external video. 

This tells me two things. One the GPU is OK but the video memory is defective or not addressing all the lines of the GPU properly. 

Picture 2 with the stripes definitely tells me that it is the video memory! Now attempting to repair this issue is similar to the reflow heat process used on an earlier DV series video issue 
(with video).  

Picture 3 shows the second screen attempting to boot from network adapter but the characters are incorrect and pixelated. 

Picture 4 shows the video daughterboard. 
(Pic 2) Lines on external display

(Pic 3) Post screen attempting to boot to network
(no hardrive installed)
After attempting repair using the reflow process the video still has lines, varying from one pattern to another, but still lines are displayed. What's next?
The choices are:
Attempt to downgrade the video memory from 
512mb to 256mb by removing the memory from the
bottom side of the daughterboard.  If the defective ram is in the second bank of ram the problem would be solved.  If not the card will have to be replaced. And cost becomes an issue since most of the cards on eBay are overpriced. Even noticed a 
dead video card for this model selling for $149~!!!
(Pic 4) The culprit nVidia daughterboard

Replace the daughterboard to have a working laptop.  So this week I will have to do some selecting from the various items available.

Note: Video shown on external monitor, but not on laptop LCD.

Updates to follow.

Update 1
Preparing to reball the video card since the card itself is hard to find, and expensive.  A real time consuming test process because the laptop has to be partially assembled to test each repair/reball attempt.

Update 2
Reballing is not an option. Since the solder balls are smaller than equipment available.

DV7 Dead No Lights, will not charge

DV 7 Power In Section
Getting back to postings. A DV7 was brought in that was totally dead and would not even light the LED on the side power connector. 

These units are totally different than the previous DV2xxx, DV6xxx, DV9xxx series, and the power indicator on the side gets power from the board not the charger. So if the power in is good, it will not give you any indication, because it draws 5v from the laptop and not the DC jack circuit board.

When checking the system I used a meter and checked the red wire (Line In POS+) and it had the 19v and the yellow was 0v. Moving to the next chip in the circuit I tested the SI4835 mosfet and it was dead shorted in both directions. So I took it out of circuit and tested it on the bench with meter- same thing.  The mosfet was shorted. When it should allow current in one direction only, it was allowing in both directions and the unit would never power on. Without having the exact number available, I went to the manufacturers site (Siliconix)and Vishay to check the specs on the chip. This allowed me to use what was available, and not having to go out or wait for a replacement to come in.  In this case it was a AO4407 which I keep on hand. Replacing the chip the unit powered on, and charged the battery properly.

Reminder: The site/blog is to assist TECHNICIANS. I cannot help individuals without any technical training or schooled in electronics because most of the problems covered are not user servicable.