Friday, September 4, 2009


One of the local stores brought over 3 Dell's. (2) Latitude D600, and an Inspirion 1150 all needing DC jacks. So this was an excellent time to try my new (and previously untried) speedy jack removal method. Thank Goodness it worked, I was able to remove a single jack in 3 min versus the old way that took about 20 min, and a good 6" of solder wick. So 17 min saved x 3 =51 total minutes saved. [image show is Dell Latitude D600 bottom after removal]


  1. What happened, you abandoned the iron in favor of the hot air rework station?

  2. Nope never abandoned the iron, it gets the small stuff. Hot Air is good for somethings but will never replace a good temp controlled iron.


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