Friday, January 13, 2012

Toshiba L455D - Previous repair attempt by another tech

Toshiba L455D - Board Damage

Ok so Monday starting off the week I get in a Toshiba L455D and say to myself "this should be easy" since I just had one last week and things went pretty fast. Taking the motherboard from the chassis I immediately see that it had been worked on by a 'hack', unexperienced tech.  Checking my previous notes to see exactly was was damaged I did a side-by-side comparison.
The way this board arrived and parts missing-
Click for larger view

Then I realize that there are simply too many parts damaged and missing to even get the unit back to the way it should be. 

So this is one that I will not attempt to repair simply because of the amount of time it would take, and the value of the unit.

Solution: Replace motherboard.
The way it should be with parts shown -
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  1. Hey Mayo, love the blog! It's an entertaining wealth of information. I have a request if you can find the time.

    I received an Toshiba L455D that will not turn on and the left mousepad button was shoved inside the palmrest up towards the screen. Owner tried to fish out the mouse button and in the process removed a couple components in the same location as the pics you posted of the shoddy repair. They are off pins 1-6 on PU6. no wonder it won't turn on.. :)

    Do you have a board laying around that you could get the values off of?

    Sorry to be asking so much.

    Thanks in advance! Patrick


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