Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Month and Thanks

January was a busy month a lot of new. And donations were helpful, freeing me up to do record more projects. So as an added bonus for those that donated I will be setting up a Video Repair section - Via YouTube or another hosting site. There you can see various videos and exactly how I diagnosed and solved the problem.  Thought it might not be professional work it is clearly stated.  If you have donated and do not get the link, feel free to email me. (The volume of mail is quite high as well as me getting distracted on other projects).

Why don't I post daily?   [see profile]
Well I have other skills too - 

Electronics is what I like because it is a challenge. This Blog
Graphics and animation because it is interesting and creative. [Youtube]
Websites because I have friends in need sometimes. Basic Sites
Programming because sometimes things are not available that you need TCMS project

History  because the past should be preserved. I found an old High School yearbook in the trash and thought it was significant. Baltimore [MD] Western Girls High School [1800-1900's]
As well as painting drawing, photography and 3D Animation. When fully used a computer is an excellent tool for the creative.

So try not to be impatient when not responding.
And to all thanks again.  Keep on Fixing Stuff!

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