Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Imagine the number of vague questions that I get sometimes

How to correctly ask a question.  Remember this site is intended for shop technicians.  So if you work in another field and really have no clue to electronics, your answer may as well be in Greek, if you do not know what I am talking about.  So please direct your questions appropriately.

Hope that clears up some details, that I am frequently asked.

Clear Examples of Problems
Model Number  DV9418 / DV6608DV9000 is a series
Works with Battery   will not work with AC
Works with AC  will not work with battery
Charge light   not on when plugged in
Turns on Shuts off
Runs but No Video
Runs but Dim Video
Only then can I possibly guess if I can answer your questions.  Not all of them may be answered.


  1. hello i have dv6000 that switch on and off so can know what can be problem think that someone that try repair it did reflow

  2. What model DV6000? that is only the series number.

  3. intel model is serie 6500 and come from other service so maybe them did reflow but i am not sure

  4. I Hav hp pavilion dv6449us Works with Battery will not work with AC Please help
    i check mosfet all is ok

  5. The MOSFET readings should be ~540Ohms in one direction only, on both mosfets. Typically it is the AO4407/AO4427 on the bottom of board near the power in.

    Power Connected
    With the battery removed you should have 19v on pin 1,2,3 and 19v on Pin 4 (gate) and no power (0 v) on Pins 5-8.

    Power Connected
    With the battery in, you should have 13-19v on Pins 5-8.

    (The top is the CPU side of the board)

  6. and about my question that switch on and off in sec

  7. All questions may not be answered. If I know the situation off the top of my head, sure I'll answer. But I cannot solve every question.

    Rodion: Intel units rarely require a reflow. You may want to check the 4914 MOSFET on the top edge. It is a dual MOSFET and one side may be shorted/open and not providing the correct voltages. It usually does the same thing on battery.


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