Friday, February 5, 2010

Toshiba A205- DC Jack pushed in

This seems to be a common problem on the Toshiba Satelitte A2xx series since I recieved two in two days with the exact same issue. The DC jack is being pushed into the unit.

The DC jack fits into a sleeve that should support the jack from being pushed in too far. However the hole in the plastic of the lower chassis is much too large and the user without looking forces the power plug. Breaking the sleeve that holds the jack itself.

Poor design by Toshiba on the lower frame.
Poor and weak plastic on DC Jack.
Insufficient plastic support.
Excessively large hole causing the user to break the supports.

The jack can be hot glued onto the lower base of the jack and the left & right edges (not the back). Solves the problem most economically for the customer.


  1. These Toshiba laptops are a crappy design, the channels holding the DC jack to the outer case are too small to withstand average insertion pressure for very long.

    After epoxying the DC jack to the case, I stumbled into a better long term fix. These models have a shell surrounding the speakers. The right speaker shell leaves a gap of about 3/16 of an inch between it and the back of the DC jack, so a nice self-adhesive rubber foot stuck on the side of the speaker housing facing the back of the DC jack gave the jack much greater strength to resist breakage in the future from aggressive insertions.

  2. Computer Tech: Hot Glue would be better if the jack ever needs to be replaced you can. With epoxy it is permanently bonded to the lower case. The whole lower case and jack will need to be replaced and some models solder the leads to the motherboard with will require additional work. Be careful with epoxy. You may not be the last tech to see the machine.


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