Friday, February 19, 2010

My Review of 2 oz. Non-Spill Rosin Soldering Paste Flux

Originally submitted at RadioShack

This electronic-quality rosin soldering flux is mixed with petroleum jelly and ideal for electrical and electronic soldering applications.

Actually the best available

By TheLaptopDoctor from Charlotte, NC on 2/19/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Good heat control, High quality, Deoxidizing

Cons: No liquid version

Best Uses: Large Projects, Minor Projects

Describe Yourself: Professional

It does the job exceptionally well.

As a NASA/MILSPEC/AF soldering pro this is currently the best product available retail. Though wishing they had a liquid version available with needle dropper. I heat mine before using a dropper to have it in a liquid state for better flow control.

When it has to be exact


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  1. That is a closeup of a keyboard connector. There were 26 wires, and the owner decided to have me repair rather than get a whole new motherboard ($$$). Still wound up cheaper.

    NASA teaches good skills and heat control!

  2. What do you use to magnify the work area during soldering? I have a 5X magnifier with circular fluorescent lamp but it isn't enough, and a 10X loupe but it doesn't allow getting in close enough with the iron.

  3. I use a magnifier headband with 2x and 3x lens from harborfreight. They were on sale at 2.99 so I got 3. Now I am glad I did. They changed the models and they are higher but no better. They were similar (if not same) as the $23 Carson MV23 on eBay.

    The lighted ones LED or Bulbs are annoying, but the standard ones work fine, since I have enough light at the shop.

    they have some similar and cheaper at

  4. Great! Thanks for that. I'll give that a try. I was considering an inspection microscope but thought that rather extreme (and expensive).


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