Friday, February 5, 2010

HP DV1000 - Dim LCD

Error in image Pin Number

This was a challenging dog of a repair, but after too many hours I had to give it up. Items checked, replaced or repaired. LCD cable - replaced LCD connector - replace and repaired Invertor - checked backlight - checked LCD - checked Lid Switch - checked The LCD was first checked with a known complete lid from another DV1000, the unit still showed same result. So backing up
  • checked the LCD connector first.
  • noticed connector had internal damage -replaced (same problem)
  • noticed motherboard pin 29 was also blown off motherboard - repaired (same problem)
  • lid switch check for open/close continuity - passed
  • backlight - passed
The conclusion is that that motherboard damage was greater than initially reported or known. Previous tech had made some minor mistakes, but nothing serious.


  1. Remove the battery and try to power the laptop on with adapter only and see what the result is.

  2. SAM: This was not a basic clear CMOS or BIOS issue. It was a MAJOR electrical defect -see pictures. Contact pads were shorted and blown away, most likely by a spill. I try not to post the basic stuff that 11hundred other sites list. But more of, How I fixed this problem or that problem.

  3. Also: Correction in image of LCD connector. It should read Pins 39-40 not 1 and 2.


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