Friday, February 5, 2010

Acer 3690 Touchpad Buttons

Synopsis: Client arrived stated that he was leaving for Australia the next day and wanting to leave his grandmother the laptop after it was repaired.

Problem: The unit functioned properly except for the right click button.

Diagnosis: After testing I noticed that the button had no d├ętente click that indicates it was not being pushed in when the touchpad click was made. Disassembling the unit shows that the stub which presses the button had broken off. rather than replacing the whole top assembly and touchpad, the buttons were replaced from spares.

Original buttons were black, replacement button silver from Acer 5100 series.


  1. Hello, i have to replace one i think mosfet transistor on Acer Aspire 5315,it is is located under keyboard, and it has 8 legs- 4468 BA7V6N, my question is where can i buy one, i am from Europe, Croatia, thanks


I cannot repair laptops for you via the internet, I can only answer questions related to posts. This is because I have not had experience on every motherboard that is out there. Bear with me.

If you do need it repaired. Contact me for quote (US/CDN Only)

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