Sunday, April 1, 2012

RE:ISO DVD or Extras

Mail sent to persons requesting the DV series  DVD/ISO. 
The Extras Video is no longer included in the ISO purchase.

After all the issues surrounding this, I have gotten a reply stating that the process worked and was downloaded in the UK (Thanks Mike).  If I have missed responding to anyone, please email
HoosierNewman AT

The ISO can be burned to DVD so that repairs can be watched on bigscreen or PC.

An additional video disk is available covering other models:
Testing DV 6000/9000 Mosfets and Power Circuit.
Making a Modified Shim (not the same as Chinese or eBay shims)
Dell Inspiron 1501 Power Problem
Dell Inspiron 1545 DC Jack (complete disassembly and repair of jack)
Dell Inspiron 1545 No Video issue (not reflow)
Dell XPS m290 No Video issue
Example: Replacing an LCD connector (plays in chrome, downloads in IE)
DV5 DC Jack

These are step by step repairs and will continue to add more as the opportunity arises.

Coming soon.

Gateway PA6 17" - No Power or Short
Gateway Core Duo - Lines in video
and More.

not available to NC residents due to local tax issues

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