Friday, April 6, 2012

Following DV7 circuit paths

If interested in finding the power paths for the DV7 here is an animation for these models.
here is an animation for techs to trace those paths more clearer.

Click here


  1. Excellent graphic. Very cool. On the reverse side, do you know the zener diodes to the lower right?... there's 3 and they run below 19v power pins..

  2. Zener diodes values are by color bands. Easy to look up

  3. Thanks for publishing this, I wonder if you could help me troubleshoot a problem on my DV7 mobo (506123-001), I don't have 1v on pq108 or 19v on the component to its right ( top right on the animation ) all the other mosfet voltages on that side checkout ok. The board shows no sign of burning, the symptoms are that it wont charge and the LED wont come on. Any idea what component has failed?

  4. As mentioned before. You can test with meter in diode mode since most mosfets are simply diodes with a gate to open/close the source. Sometimes you may need to verify that the ceramic caps are not shorted. If a bypass cap is shorted, it will drag 19v done to zero.


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