Sunday, April 1, 2012

Planning Local Classes in Laptop Repair

After a number of offers, I am currently considering training classes in laptop repair.  (Here or there)
The current available timeframes is Apr 23-27 and  Apr 30- May 4.  One location in Charlotte, NC and another in Greensboro, NC.  Dates and location have not been finalized, and this is dependent upon number of requests. Classes will be small 10-20 max.  If you need assistance with accomodations that too can be provided.

The classes will include:
Common Failures by product/mfg line
Component Identification

SMT Soldering
Reflow Methods
Part Replacement, Mfg Identification, and Cross Referencing MOSFETs and other SMT devices.
Motherboard Trace Repair
This is not a beginner class, and is recommended for technicians with previous formal training in electronics or computers.The another option will be to hold classes onsite at your shop in the US, and is available for techs with hands on instruction and demostated practices. Larger classes may be available at various metropolitan cities after AUG 2012.  They will be one week courses and tools and supplies that I use are included. Soldering tools, chemicals tweezers, anti-static pads etc, Again- this has not been finalized and may vary in price by location. Example Chicago classes may be less expensive than San Diego classes due to my travel costs.

Shops may pool costs by having another store split the cost, if they have a working business relationship. Inbox me for more details. Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Franscisco, London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam are cities under consideration at this time. Classes are in standard English.

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