Monday, June 10, 2013

Web Classes? Anyone interested

I'm considering webclasses and webinars. If interested let me know.  Looking at Jul 8-12 for schedule.


  1. Classes via Internet?? I am definitely interested! Especially troubleshooting HP dv6000 series!! Please share some details!

  2. Thanks Jim, wasn't sure the word was getting out. I have to manage posts because of SPAMMERS trying to post their websites, many unrelated. Not sure if you have my direct email address.

  3. I do actually and had sent you a message but no answer! Figured that you would have much work to do, so that's ok! I will send it again with my name! I am struggling to find proper education here in Greece! Laptop motherboards requires advanced skills! It's not like you are testing a resistor...!

  4. how do we contact you? i have a question about finding a fuse on an asus laptop board. i can't get the backlight for the screen working. it's the k54c motherboard

    1. Posts go directly to the email of this acct. Though not all comments are posted (because of spam and others linking to their site, I do get the mail. Many times I get long hash marks as names, so I cannot respond directly.

      Here, Google+, Facebook (add) or email.
      If you google "Hoosier Newman" it should bring you here or another point of contact.

  5. If you have a questions about on-site training and rates use the Facebook page.
    Currently there are 3 questions for your input.


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