Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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  1. Hi,
    I am currently trying to repair a HP8710p/w model that does not charge battery. I have the schematic and have traced all lines from power in to battery terminal pin 1 and it all seems fine - pin 1 on the battery terminal is outputting around 10.8 vaults on battery connector 1, and around 7.5 vaults on the second battery connector (underneath laptop) . I am only interested in the 10.8 for the main battery I have and not the underneath one which I guess is an extended battery pack extension or something similair. Anyway, As I seem to have power all the way through, and have tested all 5 4407 mosfets from power in, to the battery, the diodes, and the fds mosfet and I am now a little lost as to what the fault might be. Any ideas what else I should be checking. The laptop was bought second hand with this fault. It had water damage which has cleaned up well and the laptop does work apart from the battery charging feature. I can not see any damage on the battery charging chip, but I suspect it may be a line into it that is causing the trouble. The controller chip is a bhq24703 rhd package - any idea what I should be checking for on which pins that make it signal to charge the battery? Many thanks for a great site, and I hope your other site gets underway as I would like to subscribe to it as your technical expertise on the DV series has already allowed me to repair several laptops already.
    Best regards


I cannot repair laptops for you via the internet, I can only answer questions related to posts. This is because I have not had experience on every motherboard that is out there. Bear with me.

If you do need it repaired. Contact me for quote (US/CDN Only)

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