Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back from vacation

Since I was out and about, all the time reading news, features and other tidbits from technologists, I decided I would make some observations.

Hype vs USE
iPad and the real world. Sad to say this unit does not live up to the hype. It is small lightweight and does view the web, but the bad points exceed the good for PC users to jump on the bandwagon GUNG-Ho.

1: The lack of USB on the unit requires additional costs.

2: Using 3G is out of the question unless you pay more. If you have a 4G service such as Clear.Net you cannot even use it. Why? Because it is an x86 install and USB dongle.

3: The entertainment use is out of the question. It cannot view YouTube Videos (which uses Flash Video format -FLV) You cannot use NetFlix (which uses MS Silverlight), and No HULU (again FLV). So that means you cannot do much. Not even view ABC/NBC/CNN/CBS News sources. Such as the tornado pictures from Oklahoma.  Corrections: It seems that some sites are changing their whole direction and having to do HTML5 and MPEG video. I wonder how much additional cost and time is used to accommodate iPad users?  ABC - how much was it?  but then again you have the money, little sites that may be important don't.

4: Cannot view any of the ads that corporations paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce and pay to stream.

5: Adding pictures to FACEBOOK/MySpace/etc - requires add-in of some sort to attach camera, since it don't have a camera on it.

6: Responding to an email that has to be detailed and outlined is nearly impossible with the on-screen keyboard. (again, cannot connect a full sized USB keyboard, or portable rollup keyboard) Let's see the comments in about 4 months on the ipads. Also that the rest of the world that does not use the Hindu-Arabic alphabet is just about left out. Malaysia, India, Thailand I still am wondering about their comments.

7: Synopsis: this is a 'dumbed down' Apple product for the minority of users. Sure a million people bought the hype, but check some of the sources. There are quite a few already being 'resold' as used. Craigslist, eBay and Amazon from dissatisfied customers. There are 300 million plus computer users in the WEST, 1 million iPads sold is .333%

It is a 1998 WebPad, that's it. Not of much use to the tech savy users of the 21st Century. Sure I will get flamed from AppleFans but the truth is the truth! Would you buy a new car that wouldn't run unless you had to bring your own engine, or battery? NO

These were the same people that bought crap such as WEBTV (just before digital conversion), and the email pads with B&W LCD displays. I've used phones that can do more than the iPad. They just didn't have a 7 or 10" screen.

Forgot to add 1 more cavaet- All while you are connecting to the net, you are locked into AT&T. The fastest 3G network when 4G blows it out the water. Like advertising the fastest rotary dial phone when the rest of the phones are 10key. It is not a selling point. The ads are bragging about covering 90 something percent of the users, but America is a mobile country. We are not always at home, when you get on the road you'd be struggling to get a signal in Ogalala, Nebraska or Central Utah where your company or personal business sends you. there is a lot of open space in the US and you just may need to pass through it sometime.

Stay Tuned


  1. i have problem with my hp loptop pavilion dv 6700 may mother board power not workin what is possible to do send my pls an answer.

  2. pls send me picture of what possible damage for my loptop hp pavilion dv6700 power circuit shorts....

  3. As the disclaimer says " I cannot always fix a problem for you" You are on the wrong page, those parts are on

    That was April 2010 the information was posted.

    or Google "Important Parts" in the google search box


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