Saturday, October 26, 2013

All Treats, No Tricks

Since a number of requests have been made, and considering others that may not be fortunate enough to obtain the videos.  I have dropped the price.  I cannot say how long they will be reduced, but you may wish to take this opportunity.

Several projects are in the works -
  Book based training
Write a technical manual that covers repairs as well a principles and typical problems. By model 

  Classroom based training.
2 -Facilities available- Chicago, IL area, and Charlotte, NC area

This avails the opportunity for internationals wanting to attend. Major airports direct from Europe and some Asian countries.

30 seat classroom, projector, whiteboard and course materials.  Those attending the course will be given the standard tool set that I use, and will be trained using them. This is to make sure everyone in on the same page and not to need a tool, and don't have it. Traveling attendees should 'check in' items in their luggage.  TSA is not friendly with some items. (oh well). Some chemicals cannot be taken onboard, checked or otherwise, but are available outside the US.

If you are wanting to attend November's class, please let me know now. Located in Charlotte. Because of major American holiday this month time and schedule is limited.
Charlotte,  Nov 18-22
Chicago (area) Dec 9-13

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