Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Videos Available

Per all the requests for the videos.

They are located on MayoHardware.Com I am trying to get things working smoothly, but as always other jobs, tasks and gigs come up.  If you do purchase the videos, you will be redirected from Paypal to the download page.  These videos are huge and cannot be viewed on iPhone, Smartphones etc. Only PC laptop and desktops.

If you do not get a return link, please notify me ASAP, and I will manually sent links.

Thank You

PS: Links posted as advertising will not be published, nor specific requests to repair your laptop by email.


  1. dell vostro 1400 parts P010 burned, do you know the number?

  2. I have an HP dv9000 that powers on then off after a few seconds. Do you prefer I disassemble down to the motherboard and send to you to rework the GPU? What do you charge for this service, and do you recommend any additional cooling modifications while it is for repair? Thank you!, Mike Cox

  3. Mile you can email me direct hoosiernewman[AT]gmail

  4. Hi, the site isn't working. Can you please check?

    1. I took the Site down because I have gone on to other things.

      It may be on my archive. www.zapclient.com/hardware

      This blog is inactive and was left up to help others, rather than to take it down, and leave tech 'high and dry' without any options.
      Automation can take care of it.


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