Friday, July 13, 2012

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  1. hello sir i ve a board presaro f700 i tried to work on it to get it work perfect bot what im experience now is the board display on external monitor bot it didnt display on the screen instead of display there the board ill just be working abnormally

  2. Something has been damaged in the Video Out section. You may try a reflow, but on the F700 series the GPU circuit is slightly different than the same in DV9700.

  3. hp 2000 350US wont boot but restarts intermittently on either power source. Trust me you're the coolest and well equipped man on the net.

  4. If your DV2000 is simply recycling/looping. That could mean several things:

    The BIOS settings are not being read or loaded into CMOS. Try clearing the CMOS and restarting.

    The CMOS coin battery is dead. Check for 2.3v min and/or replace.

    Defective Ram.

  5. Hi Mayo, thank you for this blog. It helps a lot to solve some common problems. I have now also one half-dead DV9000 from my wive. Maybe you can give me some advice:
    NB does not start at all.
    With AC and battery in .. Battery LED is on .. like it would be charging, but battery is even after few hour cold.
    Pushing power .. Wifi LED goes orange, Battery LED goes OFF, but power LED and everything else remains dead.
    On Battery alone ie. w/o AC - after pushing power button, the battery LED flashes 3x, bud power LED remains Off (not enough power from battery).
    I checked all flat cables and some MosFets and found nothing special. It would be helpful to have some "checkpoints" like - with AC at this point is 5V etc, but i do not have a working model.
    If you have same idea, please let me know what should i check in next step. Thank you

  6. HP Compaq Presario CQ57. Turns on,Caps blinks every 2 sec,Wireless on, No display


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