Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trace repair on Macbook 2007

Repair traces on MacBook 2007 -
Previous tech attempted to remove Audio port on laptop and damaged traces leading to terminals on mainboard. The trace repair required a steady hand, 32ga filament wire to
retrace the electrical path of the audio signals.

After the traces were repaired they were coated with clear teflon insulating coating (this is important) so that they would not short against adjacent wires or pads that still may be exposed. The easiest way is to do the largest mass first. Connecting the wire to the terminal ring then expose a portion of the trace and tack solder wire filament. With the lower trace through-hole ,expose pad by removing enamel then tack the through-hole with solder (pre-tinning not necessary because copper easily accepts solder). Then tack solder the upper pad above the connector hole. Then insert jack.

If the holes still have solder remaining, you may need to dremel the holes clear, removing only the solder and not drill the edges of the solder holes interior, it can ruin the board!


  1. hello sir my name is roxan and i am laptop repair technician i have 1 laptop dell 1440 in that it gets automatically starts when i plugged in adaptor ,please sir give me solution

  2. I have not experienced that issue but I would suggest removing the power panel, and plugging it in. The panel may have a capacitive charge across it or shorted by liquid spill.

    If that is not the case, check the area where the connector plugs into the motherboard.


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