Saturday, February 11, 2012

DV9000 and DV5-1002NR

Here is an example of a slow day.
HP DV9000 -model not available because 
I was brought the board only. An obvious capacitor short, and not sure if it was caused by liquid spill or shorted PC Card slot board. Customer advise to use caution before inserting the PC card.  Since the board arrived as board only, I cannot guarantee it was a spill or defective connector.

Main Problem was - No Video Though
PC Card Slot or Power Dist. circuit area

Replace LCD Connector on DV5-1002NR
Upon close inspection of this unit Pin 40 was broken and connector had to be replaced.  It was a delicate job, and heat management was needed so not to damage the plastic connector. The replacement was hand soldered to ensure alignment and durability.

Main Problem was - No Video on LCD, External video works.


  1. Okay Doctor, i got the other laptop(hp dv1000 "dv1325la") to turn on and post, it is giving me video also speakers have sound it is detecting the hard drive and the cd rom but when i try to boot from cd rom to install the S.O it start to spin the cd and then shut off automatically like if there is not enough energy to supply the cd rom function i am doing my own research but any suggestion's would be appreciated.

    note: i replaced the mosfet close to the power jack but instead of using AO4413 i am using the AO4407 charge light is on power is on but is not charging the battery do you think that could be a problem not using the mosfet AO4413 i checked it on datasheet they are similar but since i have not much experience with microelectronics i am asking you sir.

  2. Hi i am an italian notebook technician and you work on this blog is very fantastic.. So i have an hp dv5 that don't start and have not any light on motherboard. Now what's the problem? I donate you some money if the problem is resolvable.. Thank you

  3. Hi.
    I'm fighting with a DV9000 that works with the battery but won't work with the AC.
    Something is shorted but I can't find it. The entire power area seems shorted.
    Thank you.

  4. xsVictors: Since I do not know if it is an AMD or Intel DV Series laptop. I will try to give suggestions. With your meter, check the AO4407/4427 to see if it shorted (on bottom). Then check the FDS6679
    (on the CPU Side) next to power in connector.

    You can use a crayon to detect the shorted part. Mark the suspected with the crayon, and it will melt when you find the culprit that is overheating. (Do not check GPU or CPU with crayon) only MOSFETs and Capacitors.

  5. Maybe you can check voltage at first. And tell us what you found on your dv5 ?


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