Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dell Inspiron 14R Spill

This Dell 14R had a water/coffee spill and blew some parts and pads
from the laptop 
This image shows the resistor PR12 after removed from board. Shown here
before cleaning

This image shows how it should look, and the original view.
This image shows how the repair had to be done.  Part of the pad was still visible, and the hole pad had enamel
removed to allow connectivity to the pad and trace.


  1. I stopped responding to emails for a while because of the messy attitude of some followers. I asked them to respond to HoosierNewman2Gmail addy- then everyone else that couldn't follow directions also posted questions there. Since I am not on the PC all day, it took me days just to find out what goes where. Even creating another email account still generated question email, remember everyone is not native to English language, and many do not know how to use email proficiently. So I get requests from Ghana,Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and every other country @ the wrong email address because they are at wits end. Then screen names, email address, paypal address used and username (here) does not fare well in figuring things out.

    Trying to help by posting details of repairs is not worth the BS sometimes, but there are many who are helpful and grateful. I'd like to see Ghengis and Michael weed through 1000 emails, spam and questions. As well as my personal emails. When the directions given are not followed it makes it extremely difficult to sort out the details and the hucksters that I have to deal with.

    So I just found a new way to go though my emails and use Excel for PayPal to see who paid and did not (but asked for refund). If you think I'm making a living off a tech DVD you're mistaken.

    Since I am about tired of the DVD issue that I now wish I had never offered, I will be honoring requests made so far. And will consider closing the blog. Stay Tuned.

  2. I've just recently found your blog and it has been very helpful and informative. You were the only one that pointed me in the right direction on the C500 issue. My tech experience is mainly on the software and upgrade side of things(ex. builds, hd upgrades & OS installs) I would hate to see the blog go away but also understand the hassle of unending questions.(my mother still calls me to talk her though programing her dvr.)
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    P.S. I don't know why it list me as unknown.

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