Sunday, March 20, 2011

RE: HP GPU Video information


I just came up with a solution to those that are in dire need of the video. So instead of making a 'Hollywood' masterpiece, with fancy labels and jewel cases etc.  I will be doing a single Step By Step instructional video from start to finish. 

This will  make the overall cost lower, and faster completion, as well as provide list of items needed and source for US customers. (Not many countries outside USA use 120v so the heat gun here would not work there) but the other items are readily available in most places. 

So the contents will be a simple Instructional DVD by US Mail available through Paypal so that there will be no questions about me having your credit card info and such, or the complete kit, with all the parts for a D-I-Y project. The contents will be for 1 repair, but the rest of the items (*secret stuff) will be available for multiple repairs incase someone wants to do this at a shop on a regular basis.  

If you want to pre-order the   DVD ($20USD) or the repair kit $89USD (DVD and tools included) let me know and I will create an new email address, so that all that mail will go to one place, and not confuse me with blog questions, music questions, software questions and other projects mixed in. (Yes, I am doing several projects). It will be a complete solution, not just a video of me doing it, but why I do each step.  Knowing the nature of some people it will copied and re-packaged by someone that is too lazy to come up with a better solution. So I have a limited window to sell the item.  

For HP DV series, TX series, Compaq F series Hann-Star motherboards. As well as for some Gateway, Acer, Dell and others.  After you do this once, you will be surprised at the results when all the correct steps are taken, and what to watch for that kills these motherboards. Hopefully this will correct many of the defects that are on shelves somewhere sitting.

Do not send cash or Paypal until I have it all together.

* there will be no markup on the kits- what the parts cost me will be your cost


  1. remove the -at- in the email address and replace with @

    This was done so that web scrappers don't spam me.

  2. was sent email to your new email address

  3. Hi Mayo, im a poor old pommy from across the pond can i still order from you, i dont mind just the video as i have most of the parts and tools already, i do hope so, AND, enjoy your weekend HELL you deserve it the ammount of time you have saved me, you have even inspired me to do my own Blog, at the moment just close up photos (X400) of dc jacks and sockets with bent pins and stuff, thanks.

  4. I would like to sign up for the pre order DVD, what't your email?



  5. I do believe it should be compatable with AUS/NZ systems. But shipping would be slightly higher. Those are some of the things I am testing before shipping out. Since I have friends in OZ too.

  6. pouvre malade il commence a arnaqué les gents par des foutaisse le gpu a besoin d une vrai station resoldring

  7. Jack: Pas toujours. Beaucoup de difficultés simples de périodes résolvent le problème. Pour beaucoup de personnes il aidera, sur "No Video" problème.

  8. michael: post your link here too! I'm always interested in other techs showing their work. It would not be considered spam to me.

  9. he mayo ta une solution pour password sony vaio one time password

  10. Jack: Vous n'avez pas spécifié le modèle, et je fais pas des mots de passe clairs sur ce blog ou à mon magasin.

    You did not specify model, and I do not clear passwords on this blog or at my shop.

  11. i sent you a email but got no response.. im really interested in this.. could you please check?

    is info at

  12. I sent an email also about the DVD

    can I get all the parts here on the uk or does the kit include something custom made? really want to buy the DVD either way.

    laptopandpcrepairs at gmail com

  13. genghistron: There are only a couple custom parts, but the DVD really explains what happens when the video goes out. Why and what to do so it doesn't go out again. Since the last method/design modification none have come back.

    The DVD will be in standard H.264 mpeg video so that all computers can play them, whether PAL/NTSC/SECAM and even at 50hz or 60hz electricity. Thinking that there may have to be 3 types to go out.

    Full kit (North America) with all tools needed for shops.
    Repair Kit (Global)
    DVD only (global)

  14. Comments being posted, or I am not seeing them. It appears to be a local problem with desktop here. Working on it.

    I have received the emails, but having trouble posting answers here.

  15. Hello how do I get the two kis with shipping to Brazil? After your payment is possible to do the download of content? Please send information to the email:


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