Friday, February 4, 2011

DV 2500/DV2000 SE Will not P.O.S.T./No Power

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HP DV 2500 14.1"
Intel Dual Core - Dead

DV2500 model number  and of the DV2000 Special Edition series that exhibits power problems. The indication of power problems were shown by the ring-light on the DC Jack. Since the LED uses the +5v line this points to a problem in the low power section of the unit. There were no other symptoms other than not powering on, or rapidly shutting down.

Sections also controlled by the +5v

  •  Power ON Button
  •  LED's and panels
  •  DC Jack Power indicator (ring light)

After close examination, found that the USB port was shorted.  This was a clear visual short. PIN 1 is +5v for the USB which is Vcc or 5v for powering device that is plugged into port.  With a dead short the power controller (usually a MAXIM IC) will not allow the rest of the unit to turn on. Though making troubleshooting a little more challenging, it protects the motherboard from additional damage as well as other parts.

Steps taken:
Remove damaged USB port
Clean solder holes
Replace USB port
Test Again.


  1. Can't say how many times I have desktops not power on because of this. Amazing that people can break these ports. I mean, how hard to you have to jam a USB stick on there backward for that to break like that?

  2. This means that the USB port it self is damage and shorting the volts supplying from it MAXIM power contol IC.and when voltage reachs to pin 1 then that IC can't return some sort of voltage reach indication and when this happen the IC (power controll ic) shutdown complete unit.Am i right in my theory?

  3. Asifnawaz: Correct
    Circuit protection keeps the laptop from starting a fire, or killing more parts when there is a short.

    MattBrad2: I'm just surprised how many people don't know that is not a 'Push as hard as you can' port. The small plastic tang is a keyway and you cannot force it. But anyway its a living knowing how to replace it. Let me see if I can find the video I made to remove the port.

  4. Brilliant, i have just had one in and couldnt work it out and was looking through your fixes and bingo its fixed-up and running now


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