Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Format Change and Redirection??

Considering going to FORUM Format, this way dialog and content can be better grouped and followed.  This will stay up and be mostly for posts, but the forum will be best served for post and pictures that need to be answered.  The Blog only allows pictures at the beginning, and questions afterwards cannot post pictures.  Keep in mind this is intended for Technicians, and experienced individuals.  There is no way that I can train via the internet on how to do something. (At least not in the current format)

Since I see that there are lot of others that have been left behind, and some schools are not finishing the job.  I will try to outline and classify better on the new Domain.  You will have to subscribe so that I can at least keep track of my mail, questions and answers.

One thing I do ask, is Try to STAY on blog, direct questions to my email address misses hundreds of others that may want to ask the same thing, or are asking the same thing.  With so much time answering and 'teaching what a diode looks like' it consumes time that could be used for posting solutions.  

Don't forget to subscribe to this blog to be updated on the new site by email.  If not you would have to manually comeback and find the link.


  1. In your previous posting, you state that you use petroleum-based flux paste for your BGA reflowing. How do you make this liquid and apply it beneath the chip? I am very interested in your method.

  2. That is the 'secret' recipe, like KFC. Got all the tools together now to start the making the DVD.

    It seems like I had to take a step backwards and do everything in XP since I had not done much video conversion in a while and all the new OS's will not support the video hardware. Not wanting to go all out and get new Digital Video Camera, and new software and who knows what else just for this singular DVD.

    So the new release date looks like the 1st of Aug. Due to travel plans already made. And teaching seminars scheduled. I've ran into this situation once before, where my 'job/shop' is interfering with making a living. So I am trying to juggle all of them at once. Still squeezing in my 'SecondLife' unique designs,entertainment.

    ( http://www.youtube.com/Kegtapper )
    where I had a virtual TV station and designed the coolest skyboxes on SecondLife.

    WARNING Content Rated R!! for language.

    It was an experiment to see if I could do what I seen in my head.

  3. Joe it's not really a secret, Radio Shack Flux Paste, though you can add a small amount of mineral oil to make it thinner. But not too much

  4. One problem I note with the current set-up, is the difficulty with searching the comments -- they are invisible to the search function. Hope the new blog solves that. Right now, I use Google plus "in too deep" in the search argument if I know what I'm looking for, and it works. But I'd be interested to see latest comments, as in an e-mail digest of recent posts.

  5. Larry: I tried it and it worked. Searching only the site, and not the web

  6. @LarryS

    You can subscribed to the RSS feed of this site. That way you will not miss a single post/comment.


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